UK MOD CARC Coatings

CARC Coatings DEF STAN 80-208/9, are both designed for use on military vehicles and ground equipment. These two pack polyurethane finishes, when used with specified primers, satisfy the requirements of DEF STAN 00-23 and DEF STAN 00-72.

We are able to apply the majority of DEF STAN surface finishes:

DEF STAN 80-153 Defence Coating
  • A single pack, air drying finish with
    IRR properties
  • Colour - Light Stone
  • Used for service vehicles and
    ancillary equipment
DEF STAN 80-166 Defence Coating
  • A two pack IRR paint system used for
    defence equipment
  • Complies with DEF STAN 00-23 and
    STANAG 2338
  • Colour - Nato Green and Black