US CARC Coatings

U.S. Military Specification CARC Coatings

These products are used extensively on military vehicles, communications systems, weaponry and all ancillary equipment. The coating produces a non-porous surface that impedes chemical, radioactive and biological contaminants from penetrating the paint and base materials. The CARC finish resists chemical attack from the aggressive cleaning detergents used for decontamination of the equipment.



MIL -DTL-53039
Single component moisture cure aliphatic polyurethane which is a camouflage chemical agent resistant coating (CARC) for military vehicles and equipment, easily decontaminated after exposure to biological and chemical agents.
MIL - DTL - 64159
Type I and Type II

Waterborne chemical agent resistant coating (CARC) is aliphatic polyurethane used as a finish coat on military tactical equipment. The coatings are available in one of the following FED-STD-595 colours:

  • Green 383, 34094
  • Black 37030
  • Brown 383, 30051
  • Tan 686A, 33446
  • Aircraft Green 34031
  • Aircraft Grey 36300

Waterborne CARC is license approved and offers:

  • A smoother surface finish
  • Increased hardness
  • Increased resistance to scratching and scuffing
  • Significant environmental benefits as it is free from hazardous air pollutants and is low in VOC